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Some Assembly Required Theater Festival: Production Application

Any UVa-Wise Students interested in producing a performance (skit, show, play, comedy sketch, etc.) as a part of the Some Assembly Required Theater Festival should submit the following form in application for participation in the festival. The festival is produced by student theater majors. You should receive further correspondence from a student theater major after the applications have been compiled and reviewed. Thank you for considering participating in our festival.

Please enter the contact information for the primary and secondary contact person for your project- usually the director or person organizing or leading the project and a stage manager or partner.

Please list the title of the play or project you want to produce.
Please do your best to estimate the length of time your performance will last. Performances are often paired with other performances in the festival, so timing is an important factor in organizing the festival.
Please list the number of people performing or participating somehow in your project.
Please detail each of the roles or participants in your project. If you are producing a play or sketch, please list the characters and any necessary details required to cast that character. For example, if a character has to be played by a male or female, list that. If a character needs to be able to sing or juggle, etc., list that. If you have already cast someone in the role, please list that person's name as well.
Limited funds MAY be available to help students with NECESSARY production costs. Most of the time we strive to make or barrow things, but every once in a while there is a critical prop that cannot be made or royalty costs that are required to produce the full text of published plays.
Technical Requirements
The most critical factors in organizing this festival involve the technical needs of each of the productions. Please give careful thought and detail all of the technical aspects of your project that require consideration.
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