A new, updated and more powerful Moodle!

As announced by email earlier this month, the new Moodle server is now online.  It has a nice, up to date look and simply runs a lot nicer than the old one.  "Its not so different, it's just the best Moodle yet!"

While there is really no “good time” to make changes to this server with classes going year round, the old server was showing its age and I for one feel a lot more comfortable knowing my classes are on a brand new server that is built for the task. 

New Moodle server – same address

The new Moodle server now has our college Moodle name and address:  https://moodle.uvawise.edu

Course content 

Fall 2017 Courses that had content in them were moved over to the new server and should be visible to the owner. 

If you don’t see a Course shells when you log in, one probably needs to be created – use the regular course shell request process.  We are working to provide quick response on these requests.

Old server is still accessible: 

The old Moodle is available for retrieving course backup files   at http://mdl-archive.uvawise.edu

Just log in and you can do a course backup then download the backup  file to your computer.  With the file you can use the restore function to put the content into the course shell on the new server.    When you upload your course backup file there will be a colored bar that appears as long as the file is uploading.  Once it disappears you can it restore and everything should appear in the class shell.

For more info on this version 3 Moodle, check out the tab Moodle 3.0 resources