Zoom video - Getting Started

There is a new section posted that will help you get started using Zoom Video Conferencing.  Zoom has proven to be an easy to use, reliable video conferencing tool and the best part is that you can get your own free copy! The new section tells you how.  

One idea that comes up often is how Zoom could help us keep our classes moving forward during school closures that last more than 3 days. Zoom can give you a way to work with your students "virtually" as long as you have power and an Internet connection ... or a smart phone with cellular data service. Yes, it runs on nicely on phones!   This could help keep your class on schedule and avoid the having to make up class days.

So here is a preview of some of the things you will see in the Zoom section: 

 Getting started:  The following links will help you use Zoom: 

How Do I Test Prior to Joining a Meeting?

How Do I Join A Meeting?

What Are The Host Controls?

What Are The Attendee Controls?

How Do I Host A Video Meeting?

How Do I Invite Others To Join?

Local Recording (quick and easy version)

Zoom Recording Webinar (for those that want the details)

Scheduling a Meeting with Zoom Website