Online Education at UVA Wise


Handbook:  Online Education Handbook  This Handbook is intended to provide and overview of online education at UVa-Wise, its purpose, policies and procedures.    

Training:  Faculty training for online teaching is available through Lynda @ UVa  (Netbadge login required).  These four courses provide a foundation for those who want to learn more about online teaching.  Lynda allows faculty to complete courses on their own schedule and provides Course Completion documentation that can be shared as proof of training. 

Follow on sessions are available both for overiew of online classes and workshop style sessions to create and enhance your online class.  Contact Oscar Raile, Coordinator of Learning Technologies, for more information or to schedule your workshop. 


New Course Development Process

Approval of initial offering of an online course.    All new courses must be approved through the Curriculum Change process as outlined in the Uva-­‐Wise Faculty Handbook. Before any course can be taught in an online format, the instructor must complete training as specified above. He or she must then submit a completed Online Course Approval Form (see Appendix III). Before initial offering the Online Peer Review Committee must approve the proposed course and may offer constructive feedback. 

On-line Course Approval Form is required before a course may be offered in an online format.  The On-line Course Approval Form is used for the approval process as stated in the Online Education Handbook

UVa-Wise On-line Course Approval FormFile

Peer review of online courses  Online education handbook: 4.2 On-going peer review of online courses 

Initial Offering of an online course   New online courses must be approved before they can be taught online.  This process begins with the submission of the Online Course Approval Form followed by a review by the Online Peer Review Committee.  It is recommended that faculty creating new online courses use the Worksheet for Peer Review of Online Instruction as a guide and checklist to ensure the many details in the online course are addressed.  Documenting the evidence of each requirement as you develop helps speed the approval process since few if any of the details should be overlooked in the development process. 

On going review:  All on-line course offerings will undergo periodic review by the On-Line Peer Review Committee. 
Online Peer Review Committee:  This committee will be appointed by the Provost based on qualifications such as Sloan-C Online Teaching Certification.  Mandated peer review will take place in the semester following initial offering and then every third year following.    
Instructions for the Worksheet:  Using this Worksheet for Peer Review of On-Line Instruction, the faculty member will undertake a self-appraisal and the Committee will offer an independent evaluation. 

For purposes of evaluation, copies of the completed worksheet will be provided to the faculty member, the department chair, and the Office of Academic Affairs.  For the purpose of fostering online teaching excellence, the committee evaluation will include suggestions for improvement.