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UVa-Wise Governor's School Student Evaluation

This evaluation will be used to help the program faculty develop and implement the program curriculum to best serve the participating students. IT IS NOT USED TO DETERMINE A STUDENT'S ADMISSION TO THE PROGRAM. Students are admitted based on their selection from within their home school district only. While the program is intended to serve students with a positive attitude and commitment to work in theater, we regularly serve a wide range of aptitudes, abilities, personalities and skill levels. Your honest and accurate evaluation of a student nominated for participation will help us prepare the program to best serve its participants and will in no way preclude the student's opportunity to participate. If you have questions, comments or concerns, please address them to Michael McNulty at
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Please select any and all statements you feel apply to the student you are evaluating. Multiple and even contradictory selections are welcome if you think it best describes the student!  We are trying to get a sense of how the student learns in addition to how well the student learns... so there isn't always an "A+" answer or it may not be the "top" answer.    Feel free to add additional comments in the field at the end of each section to clarify or supplement your evaluation if you like or suggest additional description we might include.  Thanks SO MUCH for your time, consideration, and support of our program! 
















The UVa-Wise Governor's School in Theater Arts is an intellectually and physically demanding program. While we welcome and encourage students of diverse physical abilities, physical stamina (regardless of ability) is a requirement of every student in the program. Classes and rehearsals generally extend through a 12-hour day six days a week during which students are required to remain physically active, intensively at times. Please use one of the buttons above to best describe the student's capability with respect to this demand for physical stamina.





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