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Resident/Teaching Assistant Application

Thank you for your interest in a Resident/Teaching Assistant postition with the UVa-Wise Governor's School in Theater Arts.  Applications for RA/TA positions are due April TBA by 2 p.m.  Staff obligations for this summer's program runs June 13th through July 4th.  Resident/Teaching Assistants must be available throughout that period.  In addition to availability, please consider the Job Qualifications for the Resident/Teaching Assistant position before starting the application form. 

  1. Must be a legal adult having successfully completed two years of college after graduation from high school.
  2. Must have a strong college academic record.
  3. Must be thoroughly available during the program dates, unencumbered by other job or class responsibilities.
  4. Should demonstrate maturity—a comfort with oneself and a practice of attending to and  prioritizing others’ interests and needs over those of oneself. 
  5. Must possess excellent interpersonal communication skills and abilities. 
  6. Previous experience in theater, the arts, or communication related activities desired. 
  7. Previous experience in our Governor’s School program or similar residential summer program preferred.
  8. Previous experience in teaching or educational programming preferred.
  9. Priority is given to UVa-Wise students.


Duties/responsibilities include:

  1. Work with the Resident Director to encourage all students to fully and positively involve themselves in the program.
  2. Serve with the Resident Director and other R.A.’s as primary guardian, assuring the safety, health, well-being and security for the students during the afterhours of the program 7 p.m.- 8 a.m. as well as on weekends and the field trip.
  3. Serve as teaching assistants during morning class as needed.
  4. Serve to facilitate the theater production during the afternoons and evenings, particularly working on set construction, costume organization, stage-management, direction, or running lines and similar duties. 
  5. Serve as a good example of the program’s values- respect, openness, reliability, hard-work, collegiality, and community focused.



Before you dive in, there is some information you may want to gather and thoughts you may want to write out so that you will be able to complete and submit the application form in a single sitting.  Unfortunately, the form cannot be saved and reopened to complete.  So, please look over the list below to figure out what information you need to collect and what you may want to write in advance in order to fill the form out completely before submitting. 

  1. Your general contact and applicable personal information.
  2. Your Jenzibar Number (student ID number).
  3. The number of college credits you have completed.
  4. Your Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA).
  5. Your availability between June 13 and July 4.
  6. Name and contact information (phone and email) for someone who can serve as a character reference for you (someone who is not a staff member of the Governor's School or the college's theater program).
  7. Description of any previous experience (paid or volunteer) that is directly related to the R/TA position with the Governor’s School program (educational, counseling, team-building, programming, etc.)
  8. Two brief essays that you may want to write in advance:   Please give some thought and consideration to the descriptions of the R/TA position, qualifications, and considerations described on the first page of this application. Then, please answer both of the following questions:
    1. Please describe why you would like to serve as an R/TA for our summer Governor’s School program AND what special skills, abilities, talents, etc. that you would bring to serve the program.
    2. Describe the important qualities of a leader who can inspire students to engage, work hard, and have fun while also holding students responsible to community expectations and rules.