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Campus Programs of the Year nominations

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Student Leadership Awards Nomination - Campus Programs of the Year

Campus Program of the Year Awards are presented for the most creative, effective and impactful programs involving students, promoting an educational and social experience, and building campus community in a fun and innovative manner in each of these categories.

Each organizational program may be nominated for up to three (3) Campus Program of the Year categories.  A separate nomination form is required for each different organizational program nominated for consideration.  Categories include:

  • New: A program that has not previously been held on campus.
  • Co-Sponsored: A program that was hosted by two or more student organizations.
  • Diversity: A program that promoted inclusion, culture, and education on the importance of diversity.
  • Educational: A program that enlightened students about a specific subject.
  • Shoestring: A small budget event that had a big impact for students.
  • Social: A program that created a positive and fun event or activity for student interaction.
  • Best Overall: The program that had the highest impact on the student body, promoted an exciting and positive atmosphere in multiple individual categories of recognition.

For nominations questions, please contact Josh Justice at

Submit organizational photos for the Student Leadership Awards Slideshow
to Madison Owens at

Nomination forms are due by noon on Wednesday, March 30, 2020