UVA Wise Emergency Alert System

Campus Community:
UVA Wise has implemented an emergency notification system for the entire campus community to be informed in the event of a campus crisis or emergency situation.

All contact information entered will be used for both emergency and weather related announcements.

Blackboard connect logoTo make sure everyone has the best and latest personal notification information in the alert system, the College has developed a web page form to allow each campus community member to update their personal contact information for the emergency alert system.

  1. You MUST FIRST LOGIN (at the login box at the right) with your College email username (do not include @uvawise.edu) If you do not login first, you will get an “access denied” message.

  2. YOU MUST THEN CLICK HERE to opt-in or update your contact information. If students do not update their information through this webpage, their primary phone number, cell phone number (for SMS text alerts) and campus email address will be used for alerts. Faculty and staff will only be notified by email unless phone contact information is entered into the web form.

Users may also login to this web page and “opt-out” of the notifications. UVA Wise strongly recommends that users do NOT opt-out of this service so that our campus community members can be well informed of campus emergencies and weather related announcements.

REMEMBER: All campus users should visit https://home.uvawise.edu/alertsystem and login with your email username (do not include @uvawise.edu) and password.

We encourage you to update your contact information regularly so that UVA Wise can keep you informed about campus emergencies and weather related announcements.

Thank you and have a great day.

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