Recommended Software/Apps for students

Zoom:  Many classes will be using the free program Zoom ( for classes, conferences, and office hours. You may also have asynchronous work you will need to complete weekly. Review the course syllabus and schedule for full info.

If you are using zoom, your professor  will email you a specific zoom link that is just for that class, which you can access anywhere you have the internet.  It isn’t essential you have zoom downloaded and installed on your own machine, but it seems to run a bit better if you do install it. It also runs better if you close all other links or programs on your computer or iPad before logging on.

You should use your computer or iPad instead of your phone, although it works there too in an emergency) since the mobile option of Zoom is not large enough to see the materials and does not offer all the feature of the regular online version.

Check with your professor about zoom attendance policies and other zoom aspects of the course.

WIFI:  If you need free wifi you can access it from anywhere on campus including the parking lots, most public library parking lots around the country, and most McDonalds or Starbucks parking lots around the country.

You should follow the same guidelines from the Student Handbook that you normally follow in class including being respectful and professional in what you share, say, or do while in a zoom class.

WORD:  You can get free Microsoft 360 software, which includes PowerPoint and Word by going to

VIRUS:  You can get free antivirus software by going to

GRAMMAR:  It is strongly recommended that you use the free program to prevent and check for gsp errors.  Please download and install this prior to writing anything to or for me. It is better than the checker on word because it offers correction suggestions rather than just highlighting an error.