Setting User override for time accommodations

Setting Time Accommodations in Moodle quizzes

The most common accommodation we are asked to provide for students is testing: extended time (time plus half).  Moodle provides an easy way in the quiz administration tab to adjust time allowance for an individual student called “User override”.  

Here is the process with screen shots to show you how this is done. 

  • Select Quiz  that you need to adjust the time allowed for a student. 

  • Click on User overrides from the Quiz administration menu


  • Click Add user override button that appears below the quiz name



When you see the override screen shown below, complete the following steps to set the time required for the accommodation. 

  • Select user (student) from the list
  • Click the box to enable time limit
  • Enter the accommodation time limit
  • Click Save



Reference for Accommodations

Syllabus entry: “If you need course adaptation or accommodation because of a disability or if you have emergency medical information to share with me, please make an appointment to talk with me as soon as possible. To make inquiries regarding disability services, please contact Whitney Wells, Director of Disability Services, at 276-328-0265 or, or visit the Academic Support Center in Zehmer Hall.”

Once students are registered (and provided documentation) with Disability Services, a Faculty Accommodation Notice will be provided. The students will deliver these to each instructor, unless the office needs to assist. Under no circumstances should a faculty member refuse to make a requested accommodation; instead, if an agreement is not reached on an appropriate accommodation, the faculty member should contact the Whitney Wells immediately at 276-328-0265 for assistance. If a student does not present a letter from Disability Services and does not have a visible disability, the faculty member should refer the student to Disability Services (Zehmer Hall, Room 152) prior to making any accommodation.