Discussion platform launched for the FIRST Community of Practice

FIRST Community Discussion Platform

The anywhere, anytime discussion

Issue:  How can we grow our FIRST Community of Practice when everyone is so busy teaching and working with students?  How do we include adjunct faculty in our community?  Technology could help but who wants to learn yet another system? 


Faculty Instructional Resource Support Team (FIRST)

Your FIRST source for instructional resources

A Community of Practice

Microsoft Office for iPad Pro

Microsoft Office for  iPad Pro

Apple has done a good job on providing built-in file converstion functionality on their own apps to make it easier to exchange documents created with Microsoft Office products.  For those that prefer to stay on Microsoft Office products, there are now versions of Office apps that are optimized to work nicely on the iPad Pro. They are free to download from the App Store but will need an Office 365 account for activation. 

Article for discussion on OER projects

For those interested in Open Educational Resources, I recommend the this article:

An Interview with Jeff Gallant from Affordable Learning Georgia (ALG)

By Stefanie Panke for AACE Review, July 5th 2018

The Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Opportunities

Interested in online teaching or just using a little technology to achieve something specific in your classes? Check out the learning opportunities offered  by the Online Learning Consortium: 

The OLC Institute for Professional Development offers virtual learning opportunities for educators at any stage of their online teaching career.  

Snow days - from welcomed time off to class schedule killing Snow Maggedden!

The upcoming holidays alway remind me that winter weather is coming and it is time to make sure I have things ready for winter storms.  You know the drill ... check the vehicles, make sure your "backup heat" like firewood or propane is ready and get out the snow shovel and "salt" for icy steps.  I like to stock up on any "storm supplies" so I can avoid the crowds when that dreaded, four letter word "Snow" is mentioned in our weather forecast. 

Zoom video - Getting Started

There is a new section posted that will help you get started using Zoom Video Conferencing.  Zoom has proven to be an easy to use, reliable video conferencing tool and the best part is that you can get your own free copy! The new section tells you how.  

Students not showing in your Moodle class?

If you have students enrolled in your class that aren’t showing in Moodle, it is most likely because those students have never logged into the new Moodle server. 

The fix is easy:  The students just need to log into Moodle one time and their account is created automatically.  Once they have done this, you should see them in your Moodle course.

Where's my classes?

 Some students log into the new Moodle server for the first time and can’t see any classes.

The reason may be that there can be processing time between the student’s initial log in and the courses info being updated in the account   For most students, it may take a few minutes it shouldn’t be a long lag.   Joseph says the worst case should be less than 30 minutes.  

Students should plan to do the initial login to the new Moodle server then do something else for few minutes before giving it another try.


Make course visible

To make your class is visible (students can see the class):   

 To Make course visible to your students: 

select the Administration tab

select “edit settings

In the general section, set the “visible” to "Show"  


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