Zoom Video Conferencing

Here is a little information on Zoom Videoconferencing that has proven to be easy to use and a very poweful product.  Zoom.us offers a free basic license just for signing up. 

    • Host up to 100 participants
    • Unlimited 1 to 1 meetings
    • 40 mins limit on group meetings
    • Unlimited number of meetings

Here is a link to the Zoom.us website video that will give you a quick look at Zoom: 

Overview Video of Zoom Video Conferencing


To get a Free Zoom account: 

Go to  https://zoom.us/pricing

Select the Basic - Personal Meeting option from the chart


Personal Meeting


 Getting started:  The following links will help you use Zoom: 

How Do I Test Prior to Joining a Meeting?

How Do I Join A Meeting?

What Are The Host Controls?

What Are The Attendee Controls?

How Do I Host A Video Meeting?

How Do I Invite Others To Join?

Local Recording (quick and easy version)

Zoom Recording Webinar (for those that want the details)

Scheduling a Meeting with Zoom Website 

For more details, here is a link to their getting started page: 

Getting started with Zoom - Help Center

Workshops: If you are interested in a workshop on Zoom, email: MATS@uvawise.edu