Students not showing in your Moodle class?

If you have students enrolled in your class that aren’t showing in Moodle, it is most likely because those students have never logged into the new Moodle server. 

The fix is easy:  The students just need to log into Moodle one time and their account is created automatically.  Once they have done this, you should see them in your Moodle course.

It’s a one-time problem:  This fall is a little different than any other in that we have a brand-new server that had no accounts on it.  Accounts are created on the first time someone logs in.  All the class enrollment information has been synchronized between Moodle and Jenzabar as in the past but Moodle can only display the information for students with accounts.  In the future, the accounts created this semester will be available and courses will show students as they have in the past.