A new, updated and more powerful Moodle!

As announced by email earlier this month, the new Moodle server is now online.  It has a nice, up to date look and simply runs a lot nicer than the old one.  "Its not so different, it's just the best Moodle yet!"

While there is really no “good time” to make changes to this server with classes going year round, the old server was showing its age and I for one feel a lot more comfortable knowing my classes are on a brand new server that is built for the task. 

New Moodle server – same address

What do I need to make high quality videos?

Ever wonder how some people make really good looking videos with great sound?  

These days computers, tablets and even a lot of smart phones can do a reasonable job capturing a presentation you want to make available to your students.  But these devices by themselves can be a little challenged to get clear sound and well lighted video.  

So what does it take to overcome these challenges?  I found this YouTube video that shows a great set up for making high quality videos and has some particularly helpful discussion of microphones and lighting.  

Moodle Standard forum displayed in a blog-like format

 had an interesting call about needing blogs for a class.   The need was to have each student post a topic and have a discussion follow as you would on a blog site.  The solution we found was to use a "Moodle Standard forum displayed in a blog-like format” and have each student “add a new topic with their name in the title.   Then the classmates can click “discuss the topic” to add comments.  It keeps the discussion within the Moodle course so it avoids issues and concerns of using third party resources that we may not have covered under FERPA. 

Narration for PowerPoint Presentations - How to video

Here is a YouTube video that addresses a frequently asked question on PowerPoint narration: 

Importing a Blackboard test bank into Moodle

If you haven’t already checked it out, Moodle has fixed the Blackboard test bank import feature so you can actually drag a test bank zip file onto Moodle, tell it to import and let it to the work.  Here iare the things you need to click on to do this ( with a few comments):
  • Administration
  • Question bank (click on the triangle symbol to show the options – Questions, Categories, Import, export)
  • Import


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